DEEP SEA CHESS is an MA-based educational technology company and social enterprise. It is an official partner of the EU Erasmus+ Youth project titled "An Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Based on Historic Board Games for Youth Development," abbreviated as SHATRANJ.AI. Shatranj is culturally synonymous with chaturanga, the ancient name for chess. Additionally, DEEP SEA CHESS maintains the AI curriculum website, content, and LMS through the domain.

Pilots of this curriculum are in progress at the high school and university level in 2024 in Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Germany, and Romania. This curriculum covers the following topics:

We would be interested in piloting this curriculum with the students at your organization either as a week-long boot camp or as an 80-120 minute-long after-school activity over a 16-week semester. We conclude this pilot with a hackathon where AIs developed by students compete against each other in a friendly format. The curriculum is open-access and freely available, while we charge for the instruction.

While the curriculum is open access, we also offer paid teacher training certified by Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University to teachers outside the project. Furthermore, for students who want to follow the curriculum in a course format with an expert instructor, we have workshop and course offerings outside the project scope. You can also contact us for curriculum-based training at your school, university, or educational institution.