DEEP SEA CHESS offers the following products related to chess and artificial intelligence education:

1)  DEEP SEA CHESS curriculum for early childhood education has been piloted at Istanbul Technical University Foundation Schools, one of the first schools in the world to have compulsory chess lessons in the Pre-K3 grades. Later, Deep Sea Chess was also piloted in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in partnership with the Mongolian Chess Federation, a leading scholastic chess country in Asia. 

Now, DEEP SEA CHESS is available free of charge to all students and teachers:
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If you wish to access complementary study sheets to distribute in the classroom, please contact our team. 

2) SHATRANJ.AI artificial intelligence curriculum based on historic board games, operating from 

SHATRANJ.AI project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ Youth program. Currently, pilots are in progress in Türkiye, Northern Macedonia, Germany, Romania, and the United States.

3) ŞAHÎ (SHAHI) chess set and icons

A culturally inclusive chess set design that blends historical chess designs from different civilizations. It is specifically designed to be both an educational scholastic chess set and a professional tournament set. The chess set is complemented by the ŞAHÎ (SHAHI) chess icons used on printed and digital chess diagrams. 
4) SHATRANJ.ART exhibition on historical board games and historical chess sets, displayed first at Hagia Sophia in January 2024. 

DEEP SEA CHESS is a Masssachussets-based education technology company, with a sister company, DERİN SATRANÇ operating in Istanbul, Türkiye.